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Dr Kate Naylor - GP Lactation Consultant



The Breastfeeding Support You Need

I am a GP Lactation Consultant, which means that in addition to being able to provide regular GP care, I have specialist knowledge in the field of breastfeeding. I started working in this specialist field in 2007, whilst residing in Brisbane, where I was one of two GP LCs in South East QLD.  I found that patients came from hundreds of kilometres away to access information that they couldn't find in their home town. 

Moving back to Melbourne in 2016, I joined together with a small network of GP Lactation Consultants, with whom I regularly share ideas about patient care.

I am a member of Lactation Consultants of Australia and NZ and enjoy keeping my breastfeeding and general practice knowledge up to date.


03 7035 0181 (Zest Medical) or 03 9592 0744 (Brighton Family Womens Clinic)

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